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Mutual fund is a simple, tax efficient and useful tool to invest when you are planning for your house, child’s education, to buy a car or marriage. Selecting a Mutual Fund for investment needs a thorough research which depends on the various factors like investment objectives, risk factor, maturity period etc. Your search for financial planner ends at Kanani Ethic Investment Financial Planners. We help you to select Open-ended fund which can be redeemed on continuous basis or Close-ended fund which has fixed maturity time depending on your maturity criteria of investments.

The investors with a long-term outlook and higher risk factor can invest in Equity/Growth Funds which invest their major corpus in equity. For the safety of capital along with moderate growth, Kanani Ethic Investment Financial planners advise the customers to invest in Debt/Income Funds.

There are also balanced funds whose pattern of investing is around 60% in Equity and 40% in Debt instruments.

Other safer options are Money Market/Liquid Funds for short term investments i.e. period of less than 91 days and Gilt Funds who invest specifically in Government Securities. Customers enjoy many benefits while investing in mutual funds like Professional Management, Diversification, Liquidity, Low transaction Cost, Flexibility, transparency and importantly well regulated and monitored by SEBI.